Sunday, January 24, 2010

the weekend of busy

On Friday, Anna's temporary storage container arrived, so we could stash her stuff while getting my stuff organized in the garage. It's 7' wide x 12' long x 8' high, made of steel; it's exactly as wide as my driveway, it only rolls in a straight line, and it's not possible to move anything down my driveway without mid-course corrections. The driver was skeptical, but I took one of my 2x4s and by lifting with my legs was able to lever it inches to the side to steer it. (My body is fine, except for my left quad, which will be sore for a while. Imagine doing a bunch of leg presses at some weight beyond what you can actually do leg presses at.)

After that burst of activity, on Saturday morning we got up really early to go to the Zen program, and then I went pretty much without a break into the First Aid Refresher course, until 5pm. Then I had no energy for anything that wasn't a life-threatening emergency, and got a quick nap before we ate dinner and went to the Houseness cocktail party. Then I was done again.

Today, I drove back to Oakland for brunch with pals and lounging at Houseness, before renting the first season of Lost and mellowing out until bed (which will be soon). I'll have more to say about Lost at some point, which will be culturally irrelevant because I'm watching it 6 years behind the rest of the country.

(I also didn't get an iPod until 2006, and I still don't have a smartphone, and I just got a flat-panel TV a year ago. I am a curious sort of tech guy, indeed.)

Collapsing seems like a lovely idea.

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