Tuesday, January 19, 2010

counting down

My WorldTeach group travels to Santiago on a redeye flight from Miami, leaving the night of March 16th. It's only 10 hours to Santiago, but since I have to get to Miami first, that's going to be a long day.

I went and had my physical today, to get the health form signed for the trip. Last time the doctor talked my ear off about adjusting to his new practice situation; this time, his wife was just in the ER this morning (she's okay, "just" a kidney stone) and they had houseguests from Norway. I'm beginning to think there aren't any doctors around here who aren't kinda nuts, still accepting patients. At least he seems competent, and he's very nice, both unlike the last guy.

At any rate, we were chatting along correcting the many errors in the transcription of my history, and he was asking me a bunch of lifestyle questions again--which are all dead ends, because of my absurdly healthy lifestyle--and finally, after the actual physical examining was done, he asked what I usually have for breakfast.
"Oh, quinoa, it's a grain, and chard."
"Yeah, it's a leafy green vegetable--"
"Yeah, I know what chard is. You eat it for breakfast?"
Then he got the same look on his face that he got last time, which comes across to me like "You're in perfect health and I don't know why you're here or what to do with you," and then he stopped asking me questions and we finished up.

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