Tuesday, January 19, 2010

glorious, actual weather

We are being mightily rained upon, by a sequence of storms in quick succession: hours of dark skies, torrential rain, and high winds, interspersed with periods of calm, lightened grayness. It's wonderful to live with real weather, if only for a little while. I've always disliked bright sunlight, so the endless months of it here make me want to build a house with some underground rooms to hide in. Or move somewhere else.

Apparently, Chile has the same weather as here, only backwards and a few degrees colder. I expect it to feel much colder during the winter, since, as already mentioned, there doesn't seem to be much cultural interest in keeping buildings warm. Tassajara will be similar, so maybe in my memoirs I will refer to this as my Cold Year Away From Home.

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