Friday, January 15, 2010

changes imminent

In the current plan, Anna will move into this apartment during the first week of February. This is not a small project, and has a pair of features, deceptively simple, yet weighty:
  1. I need to have my stuff organized and packed/ready to pack for storage in the garage in the next two weeks, and
  2. Prior to leaving for nine months in Chile, I'll be living with my girlfriend and (half time) her 5-year old son.
It's true, that's a big thing to add late to the mix. On the other hand, I'm spending the year in South America on a full-time volunteer job teaching, which has all sorts of nerve-wracking emotional baggage for me. Given what I'm jumping into, does it really make any sense to pretend to play it safe before I leave? There's nothing permanent to grab onto, no shelter to be had. My only hope is moving with things as they happen, creating a response moment by moment according to what's needed, and I might as well start now.

(Plus I get to see my girl more often, which is really why this seems like a good idea.)

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