Tuesday, January 26, 2010

that was awesome

I saw a new chiropractor yesterday, a woman in Oakland that Ann recommended when I mentioned how beat up my hands were. (Both thumbs have been jammed multiple times, and I have a couple of dinged fingers, and some of it has never quite healed, so my grip is pretty weak relative to how strong my arms are.) I haven't read the background on what she does, but the way she described it, it's a chiropractic modality that treats the body as a giant tensegrity structure (which it is), where pushing on one part causes other parts to move. She does some fairly light pressure on one area, and releasing that pressure causes that area to press back like a spring, and sets up a wave of motion in the body that triggers release in some other area.

It was amazing. For a couple hours afterward different stuff would loosen and unravel, and it's still unwinding a bit. She also does bony adjustments when needed, which she did on my right hand, which has been a bit jacked up for months since jamming the middle finger, and on my left thumb, which I think has been wanting to click back into place for several years.

(I know, aikido sounds dangerous, right? But none of my aikido injuries has ever needed a doctor's attention [because doctors are only good for acute problems], which has me comparing favorably with pretty much any other American doing any other physical activity. And in the realm of martial arts, you should hear the stories from the karate and tae kwon do and Krav Maga people. Holy crap. Those people are nuts.)

Luckily, I'm supposed to go back for a follow-up, because of course tonight that middle finger got jammed again. =)

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