2017 Booklist

This year I have a real job! I love it, and also I am tired. We'll see how it goes with reading.
  1. Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed. What if the basis of a fantasy universe were--instead of the standard medieval Europe--medieval Islam instead? VĂ³ila.
  2. Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett. Featuring a couple characters from the Tiffany Aching books. Fabulous.
  3. Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger.
  4. The Gate to Futures Past - Julie E. Czerneda. Wins my award for "Toughest Setup For A Sequel."
  5. The Ark Before Noah - Irving Finkel. Decent book, but watching his lecture on the topic is far, far more entertaining. (Unless you're a cuneiform nerd. Which I'm not. No judgement, though.)
  6. REAMDE - Neal Stephenson. Probably his most streamlined and polished novel! Good fun.
  7. On The Edge - Ilona Andrews. 
  8. Blood of Elves - Andrzej Sapkowski.
  9. Through The Language Glass - Guy Deutscher.
  10. Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews.
  11. The Time of Contempt
  12. The Tower of Swallows
  13. Baptism of Fire - Andrzej Sapkowski. (It turns out Tower and Baptism should be switched, but the series is so disjointed about time that it doesn't seem to matter.)
  14. Fate's Edge - Ilona Andrews.
  15. The Lady of the Lake - Andrzej Sapkowski. Done!
  16. Natural History - Justina Robson.
  17. Babylon's Ashes - James S.A. Corey.
  18. The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Isreal and the Origin of Sacred Texts - Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman.
  19. The Neutronium Alchemist - Peter F. Hamilton. Finally this plodding trilogy starts to pick up. 
  20. Gift of the Unmage (Worldweavers #1) - Alma Alexander. Forgot this was a YA series.
  21. The Naked God - Peter F. Hamilton. I don't regret it, exactly.
  22. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline.
  23. Angel of Storms - Trudi Canavan. 
  24. Steel's Edge - Ilona Andrews.
  25. The Confederation Handbook - Peter F. Hamilton. Spoilers!
  26. Aurora - Kim Stanley Robinson. A fine update of his speculative views, incorporating our new knowledge that the surface of Mars is seriously poisonous, so we probably won't live there.
  27. Understanding Classics: Homer - Jonathan S. Burgess.
  28. Empire of Storms - Sarah J. Maas. This is the "everyone gets laid" volume of the series.
  29. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams. Been so long, I'd completely forgotten the plot (except for the couch, of course). 
  30. Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov. The first Robot novel: 1953!
  31. City of Miracles - Robert Jackson Bennett. And he sticks the landing for the last book of the trilogy! 
  32. The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams.
New category this year: Comics!
  1. The Wicked+Divine, Vols. 1-3. Smart, charming graphic novel(s).
  2. Planetary, Vols. 1-4 - Warren Ellis & John Cassaday.
  3. Lucifer, Books 1-5 - Mike Carey et al.
  4. 100 Bullets, Vols. 1-2 - Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso.
  5. Copperhead, Vols. 1-2.
  6. John Constantine: Hellblazer, Vol. 1.
  7. Velvet, Vols. 1-3.
  8. Fatale, Vols. 1-5. - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips. 
  9. Purgatory, Vol. 1. Meh.
  10. Shadowman, Vols. 1-2. Meh.
  11. Saga, Vols. 1-5 - Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan.
  12. Criminal, Vols. 1-2. Ed Brubaker et al.
  13. Djinn, Vols. 1-6.  Orientalist male-gaze claptrap, but whatever.
  14. Hellboy, Vols. 1-12. 
  15. Hellboy In Hell, Vols. 1-2.

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