2017 Booklist

This year I have a real job! I love it, and also I am tired. We'll see how it goes with reading.
  1. Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed. What if the basis of a fantasy universe were--instead of the standard medieval Europe--medieval Islam instead? VĂ³ila.
  2. Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett. Featuring a couple characters from the Tiffany Aching books. Fabulous.
  3. Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger.
  4. The Gate to Futures Past - Julie E. Czerneda. Wins my award for "Toughest Setup For A Sequel."
  5. The Ark Before Noah - Irving Finkel. Decent book, but watching his lecture on the topic is far, far more entertaining. (Unless you're a cuneiform nerd. Which I'm not. No judgement, though.)
  6. REAMDE - Neal Stephenson. Probably his most streamlined and polished novel! Good fun.
  7. On The Edge - Ilona Andrews. 
  8. Blood of Elves - Andrzej Sapkowski.
  9. Through The Language Glass - Guy Deutscher.
  10. Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews.
  11. The Time of Contempt
  12. The Tower of Swallows
  13. Baptism of Fire - Andrzej Sapkowski. (It turns out Tower and Baptism should be switched, but the series is so disjointed about time that it doesn't seem to matter.)
  14. Fate's Edge - Ilona Andrews.
  15. The Lady of the Lake - Andrzej Sapkowski. Done!
  16. Natural History - Justina Robson.
  17. Babylon's Ashes - James S.A. Corey.
  18. The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Isreal and the Origin of Sacred Texts - Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman.
  19. The Neutronium Alchemist - Peter F. Hamilton. Finally this plodding trilogy starts to pick up. 
  20. Gift of the Unmage (Worldweavers #1) - Alma Alexander. Forgot this was a YA series.
  21. The Naked God - Peter F. Hamilton. I don't regret it, exactly.
  22. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline.
  23. Angel of Storms - Trudi Canavan. 
  24. Steel's Edge - Ilona Andrews.
  25. The Confederation Handbook - Peter F. Hamilton. Spoilers!
  26. Aurora - Kim Stanley Robinson. A fine update of his speculative views, incorporating our new knowledge that the surface of Mars is seriously poisonous, so we probably won't live there.
  27. Understanding Classics: Homer - Jonathan S. Burgess.
  28. Empire of Storms - Sarah J. Maas. This is the "everyone gets laid" volume of the series.
  29. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams. Been so long, I'd completely forgotten the plot (except for the couch, of course). 
  30. Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov. The first Robot novel: 1953!
  31. City of Miracles - Robert Jackson Bennett. And he sticks the landing for the last book of the trilogy! 
  32. The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams. 
  33. The Light Fantastic 
  34. Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett.
  35. The Naked Sun 
  36. Foundation - Isaac Asimov.
  37. The Worst Journey In the World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard. Finally finished it. Not a gripping read.
  38. Foundation and Empire - Isaac Asimov.
  39. The Craft of Intelligence - Allen Dulles. The 3rd Director (and first civilian such) of the CIA! Many lies about the CIA proper, but the organization of intelligence agencies in 1963 is easily recognizable today.
  40. More Than Human - Theodore Sturgeon. 1958 sci-fi, ahead of its time.
  41. The Atrocity Archives - Charles Stross.
  42. Mort - Terry Pratchett.
  43. The Jennifer Morgue
  44. The Fuller Memorandum - Charles Stross. 
  45. Graceling - Kristen Cashore. 
  46. Sourcery - Terry Pratchett. 
  47. Second Foundation - Isaac Asimov. 
  48. Interviewing and Interrogation For Law Enforcement - John E. Hess. An unusual ebook courtesy of my new San Jose library card: the SJ libraries are in partnership with SJSU, which has a criminal justice program
  49. Foundation's Edge
  50. Foundation and Earth 
  51. Prelude to Foundation - Isaac Asimov.
  52. Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett. 
  53. The Robots of Dawn 
  54. Forward the Foundation - Isaac Asimov.
  55. In The Bleak Midwinter - Julia Spencer-Fleming. Fluffy mystery. Not sure there's any other kind. 
  56. Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists - Tony Perrottet. Another book where it's better to just listen to the NPR interview.
  57. The Madness Season - C.S. Friedman.
  58. SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome - Mary Beard. Nicely limited in scope.
  59. The Ghost Brigades
  60. The Last Colony  - John Scalzi.
  61. A Fountain Filled With Blood 
  62. Out of the Deep I Cry - Julia Spencer-Fleming.
  63. The Stone Sky - N.K. Jemisin. Brava!
  64. To Darkness And To Death - Julia Spencer-Fleming.
  65. Jack of Shadows - Roger Zelazny.
  66. Quicksilver - Neal Stephenson.
  67. The Human Division - John Scalzi.
  68. The Confusion - Neal Stephenson.
  69. The Delirium Brief - Charles Stross.
  70. The Snow Queen - Joan D. Vinge.
  71. Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine.
  72. All Mortal Flesh - Julia Spencer-Fleming.
  73. The System of the World - Neal Stephenson.
  74. The End of All Things - John Scalzi.
  75. To Guard Against the Dark - Julie E. Czerneda. Brava! Second strong finish this year to a challenging trilogy (after N.K. Jemisin).
  76. I Shall Not Want - Julia Spencer-Fleming.
  77. Guards! Guards! - Terry Pratchett. 
  78. Dawn - Octavia E. Butler. (Xenogenesis #1)
  79. Paper: Paging Through History - Mark Kurlansky. Settles any doubt about whether he can talk about Basque involvement in every book, regardless of the book's topic.
  80. Adulthood Rites - Octavia E. Butler. (Xenogenesis #2)
  81. Eric: A Novel of Discworld - Terry Pratchett.
  82. Imago - Octavia E. Butler. (Xenogenesis #3) THAT WAS AMAZING. Not many scifi books have a list of scholarship about them.
  83. Provenance - Ann Leckie. 
  84. Stradivari's Genius: Five Violins, One Cello, and Three Centuries of Enduring Perfection - Toby Faber
  85. Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett.
  86. Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West - Tom Holland.
  87. Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett.
  88. Terrier - Tamora Pierce.
  89. American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins - the Art and Science of the Violin - Quincy Whitney. 
  90. Gone: A Girl, a Violin, a Life Unstrung - Min Kym. Intense.
New category this year: Comics!
  1. The Wicked+Divine, Vols. 1-3. Smart, charming graphic novel(s).
  2. Planetary, Vols. 1-4 - Warren Ellis & John Cassaday.
  3. Lucifer, Books 1-5 - Mike Carey et al.
  4. 100 Bullets, Vols. 1-2 - Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso.
  5. Copperhead, Vols. 1-2.
  6. John Constantine: Hellblazer, Vol. 1.
  7. Velvet, Vols. 1-3.
  8. Fatale, Vols. 1-5. - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips. 
  9. Purgatory, Vol. 1. Meh.
  10. Shadowman, Vols. 1-2. Meh.
  11. Saga, Vols. 1-5 - Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan.
  12. Criminal, Vols. 1-6. Ed Brubaker et al.
  13. Djinn, Vols. 1-7.  Orientalist male-gaze claptrap, but whatever.
  14. Hellboy, Vols. 1-12. 
  15. Hellboy In Hell, Vols. 1-2. 
  16. B.P.R.D., Vols. 1-2.
  17. B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth, Vols. 1-15.

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