Sunday, January 17, 2010

cannot stop watching

I'm watching Journeyman, and you should too. It's...astonishing, in its quality. I've been through six episodes and there has not been a single minute less than excellent.

(I think I just started today, though I've lost track of time and I might have started yesterday. It's really good and my time is unstructured.)

You know how in most TV shows, if the main character has a secret power or experience, either they never tell anyone, or no one believes them? Journeyman throws that out the window. The protagonist, Dan, physically travels through time, at moments and for durations completely out of his control; from his wife's perspective, he simply disappears regularly. He quickly convinces her of this, because she's not stupid and, well, he disappears. That raises the question, much more interesting than disbelief would be, of what happens to his relationships with his wife and son, when he might vanish at any moment? (Answer: it's hard. The interpersonal scenes are brutal to watch, because they're so good and it's such an impossible situation to cope with.) And the sci-fi parts of the plot are just as good.

All 13 episodes are available on Hulu, or you can torrent it if you're set up for that. It might eat your brain, but it's completely worth it.

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