Saturday, January 9, 2010

it'd be creepy if it weren't so awesome

The usual way to get to Loomis Chaffee from the north is to get off I-91 and take Route 159 along the river into downtown Windsor. Just as it starts to follow the river, there's a small spur called River Road, which I mostly remember because cops will set up speed traps there, but this time driving past I noticed there were houses down there. There were always houses, of course, but normally I never noticed or thought about it, and this time it struck me that they're on land that gets regularly flooded by the river, just about every year. I turned off to see if they were elevated above the flood level or what.

(They're not, particularly. There's about six houses, with fairly typical foundations, and the first floors are all about 3-4 feet off the ground, no more than you see in other well-built houses that aren't on a flood plain.)

Pretty quickly my eye is drawn to this:

a little odd

Oooookay, that's an 80s Ford station wagon that used to belong to the Torrington Police Department. Something about the interior looks weird, so I try to see past the glare.

wait, what?

There's a lot of glare, and the interior is dark, and the reality is...counterintuitive.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:
  • an 80s Ford station wagon from the Torrington Police Department,
  • parked on the banks of the Connecticut River across from somebody's house,
  • with a casket in the back.
And I wasn't done giggling from the old Italian guys.

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