Monday, March 8, 2010

weird dream

I had some sort of adventure-dream last night, which is common for the stuff I remember. There was a casino, a very strange elevator with cars two stories high and full-length wooden doors, and the cars moved like buckets on a Ferris wheel. Secret agents, occasional gunfire, the usual.

Right at the beginning, though, I discovered I'd traveled to Mexico, but managed to leave my passport at home. The Mexico of the dream was a really, really bad place to not have your passport, so I was getting really stressed and anxious. Suddenly I thought, "Wait a second. This is my story I'm in, so I'm going to back it up a bit, and start right from this place and time, but with my passport, so I won't be anxious." And then my passport was in my hand, and I relaxed and continued on with the adventure.

Neat. We can do this every day in our waking life, making decisions about how we're going to respond to events as they unfold. We just have to realize it's our story and we can do what we want with it.

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