Saturday, March 27, 2010

awesome paragraphs of the day

Dan Meyer, a math teacher with an excellent blog about his processes of creating lessons for kids to explore and discover:

The Creative Feedback Loop Of Teaching

Where else can you get this? In all of the creative fields that have ever tempted me professionally — I'm talking about graphic design, screenwriting, and filmmaking — ideas often take months to generate and refine, years to produce, and, in many cases, you can't do anything with the feedback except hope it's good enough to get you your next job.

With teaching, you can get any old harebrained idea on Friday, challenge your students with it Monday morning, then adapt it for your afternoon class based on feedback from the morning. The feedback loop is fast enough to give you whiplash. It's so much fun, this job, it seems impossible sometimes that anyone could ever walk away from classroom teaching.


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