Saturday, March 13, 2010

one more exciting event

Excellent aikido class this morning! Though during the free-training at the end (where we can use any attack and response) the beginner I was training with went a little wild with a punch. I touched it, saw blood on my hand, got off the mat and into the bathroom and proceeded to say "Fuck!" several times.

1-hour ER visit

As best I can figure, he punched me in the face, and my lip got caught in between my top and bottom teeth; thankfully, my teeth didn't through through my lip as I originally thought, though it turns out not to matter for how they treat it (though it might have made drinking more challenging). A mere hour in the ER and a handful of stitches later, I was home. It's a little sore, and I have to watch how I eat and smile, but it's not so bad. The doctor said it should heal to a fairly small scar, but it depends on my skin; and I'm having faith it will heal better than if I'd not gotten it stitched up.

Funny enough, when we're taking falls we know to keep our teeth together so we don't bite our tongue (or lips, apparently), but it's never come up in the context of throwing other people. So there's a lesson learned.

I'm also interested to see exactly how much a minor-but-necessary ER visit costs, which I get to find out because I don't have insurance. I'm not worried about covering it; just annoyed that U.S. health insurance is so broken, and grateful that so far it's not ruining my life.

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