Monday, August 23, 2010

wishing I could mix it up a little

Anna got me hooked on Scandinavia and the World, which is a fine, fine webcomic about international stereotypes and viewpoints. I'm still waiting for an emblematic-but-not-prurient one to send to Mom.

I've been trying to do some slightly different things with teaching: I have a few exercises that have worked really well, but the kids would like to do something different, and I wouldn't mind either. Unfortunately, every time I go and look at lists of ESL exercises, it highlights what an incredibly restricted environment I'm working in. I feel like Mister Negativity every time I read an exercise and see why it won't work...
  • It's like pulling teeth to get the kids to stand up and move around. Not worth it, except for very limited exercises.
  • I see them once a week or less.
  • The educational culture doesn't expect a whole lot from them, by American standards. They do more for me, but not a lot more.
And I'm struck by how 30 minutes is too little for our communicative teaching style, but 60 minutes is too long. 45 minutes would be just right. I have 60.

I might actually try a writing exercise soon, just for something else to do.

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