Thursday, August 12, 2010

knocked off my feet

Anna countdown: almost 7 days.

Yesterday in the early evening I ate something bad--I don't know if it was the pear, or an orange, or just too many oranges. My stomach was already unhappy when I had the big bowl of delicious shellfish soup.

That didn't feel any better, and then a couple hours later my body started healing itself by violently rejecting everything.

There's a strange weakness from food poisoning: I stayed home from school because things Just Aren't Right. It's hard to focus, there's lingering stomachache, and a lack of energy compounded by Monday's Ashtanga Yoga class completely kicking my ass, apparently being my first really moving-around exercise in a month or more.

Still pretty wobbly, but at least I've only got the one class tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Bad virusfoodwhatever--I'm the only one allowed to knock you off your feet. *stamps foot* *sweeps leg*