Monday, August 16, 2010

that'd be sad/convenient/awesome.

I hadn't told Oscar I was staying home today. I don't think I would have taught, since Marcela said she was doing a test. I am going in tomorrow, and I don't think I'll be teaching then, either.
"But you're going in tomorrow?"
"Good, you have to go in tomorrow because the strikes are coming. No school for a month."
"Oh? When?"
"We don't have a date?"
"Nope, they just come all of a sudden. So we have to hurry up and get as much done as we can before school stops."
Apparently the solution is to teach the kids more material in less time. I'm not sure that's helping much.

It sounds like there's a student protest on Wednesday. I know a strike's no good for the kids and I'm supposed to be going "Woooo! Teaching! Yeah!", but I'm in a mood these days where I wouldn't mind if the program got canceled and I had to go home. I'd be especially psyched if the strike happened while Anna was visiting, so keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Strike! Strike! Viva la revolucion del profesores! ;-)