Saturday, August 21, 2010

settling in

Anna's here! It's nice. Although apparently girls don't like it when they say they're still hungry and then you make oinking noises at them? I'm not sure why. Anna took it in stride, but the three girls at the table from UC Davis seemed to dislike me on her behalf.

We're at Hostal Caracol again, which is much nicer than my house, and a comfortable place to be away. We don't have much planned for the week: I still have to work, though many of my fellow teachers were surprised I didn't ask for some or all of the week off. It hadn't occurred to me that was possible, but since all of my classes were canceled last week, and Oscar is convinced there will be a month-long teacher strike at some point, I feel like I shouldn't randomly take time off. I'll have a lifetime of not teaching Chilean students after this, so I feel like I should keep on doing what I came for.

It's nice to relax and have someone to pet my head again.

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