Thursday, May 20, 2010

teaching update

I haven't written about teaching in detail for a while, it looks like. I'm not sure I've detailed the process or how I feel about it specifically.

WorldTeach gave us this incredibly awesome lesson plan template, which I really like, and I never use it because trying to fill it in makes me freak out. It would be great if I could come up with its level of detail, or if I could make its model of class flow work, but right now neither of those are true.

I started using a plain-paper notebook, and after seeing Sharon's lesson planning I've been going down a similar road. I outline the stuff I want to go over, and make notes about how I want to do it. I add some extra stuff to fall back to for when things fail or they go through them too fast. It's a lesson plan, just in a more spare outline form, with less text. It's kind of like a jazz score where I give myself the chords--the material and the exercises I'll do--and I'm improvising the details.

I'm fine with the actual flow of class. It varies depending on how prepared I am, whether the class burns through all my material, etc. I have 60-minute classes now, which is a long, long time and I don't like it. But the teaching part is working.

The in-between parts can be kind of a bitch. I get jolts of stress hormones as the clock ticks down to my next class. To use the Buddhist term, it's aversion, mighty and old. It's the dense stuff I knew would come up, and that's one reason I came. Every day I get better at letting it sit and working with it.

Long story short: the teaching is ever-improving. And I'm less miserable! Everyone wins.

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