Wednesday, May 26, 2010

just as well

I taught my 8am class today, dry mouth and all--it's surprisingly disruptive, in a language class, to have to drink water, because I do choral repetition:

Chris: "Eraser."
Class: "Eraser."
Chris: "Table."
Class: "Table."

Then I drink some water.

Class: "Agua."

And that's with a well-behaved class.

I left after that class, bailing on the two remaining classes and English Club (which for right now is kind of like another, advanced class). When Oscar got home he said that the teachers' meeting, which was on the calendar for 3pm, had actually started at 12, canceling the second half of the day, so I didn't miss anything and would have had a half-day anyway. (I don't bother with the teachers' meetings, since I'm not a full teacher. It'd be nice to know if a strike is approaching, but I can't understand what they're talking about.)

Tomorrow, though! Tomorrow for sure. Two classes, A and J, teaching material I've now taught several times. It's like a small vacation.

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  1. Ok, it's Friday now. Post pictures of my Anna! Prove she made it there safe and sound!!!

    Thank you.