Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a quiet day at home

I'm feeling quite a bit better today, and the head congestion has fallen off and is trying to move into my chest, as usual. My voice is extremely croaky, but apparently I need to teach at least one class tomorrow to get credit for the day, because to miss more than one day invites complications. In training they said that after the first day we need a licensia from a doctor, which is commonly granted for absurd lengths of time (e.g. 2-3 weeks for a cold). Basically it keeps you from being fired.

"You're feeling better, right?"
"Yeah, but my voice will be gone tomorrow."
"But you can go into work?"
"I feel better, but my voice won't work."
"Can you teach one class, and then take off? So you get the day."
"Oh! Sure."

Sometimes I feel bad that I don't get the nice hints everyone is dropping for me.

Of course, that one class tomorrow is the super-fast section of curso C, so I have to actually design an ambitious lesson for them. That's okay, though, I think I'm getting the hang of what works for me. And if it doesn't work, they get a bad class. They'll live.

Normally when I'm sick I try to get out for a little while, go for a walk or grocery shopping or whatever. That would cause unwanted conflict here, though, and I was a little worried about going nuts staying home all day. It turned out I had plenty of cool crap to read on the Internet, so I managed to fritter away the day doing that, instead of making a couple new signs for the classroom, or doing my Spanish lesson. Oh well.

Mostly I just want the next few days to be done because then Anna will be here. =)

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  1. Me too! Tho it'd be best if in those few days my pile of work somehow gets accomplished, too... I started packing tonight, yay :-)