Tuesday, June 29, 2010

okay, now I'm frustrated

Despite all the warnings, I haven't found Chile too frustrating, but now that I'm genuinely discouraged about aikido opportunities, I think my prior lack of frustration just indicates how much less important everything else is than aikido.

First of all, I don't particularly want to teach at this point. I can, I've done it a little bit, and I enjoy it and I seem to be pretty good at it, but I have very little experience, and a very low rank for an instructor; recall that I got my black belt (1st dan) in December, whereas a fuller teaching rank (3rd or 4th dan) usually goes to people who have had their black belt for a decade or two. I found this hippie institute called GFU, and they normally have aikido, but it's suspended until the teachers get re-certified by Aikikai Chile. Okay, maybe I can take over those classes until they come back? Or do a new class?

In order for me to teach at GFU, I have to be certified. By who? Well, it doesn't seem to matter, so maybe I can get a letter from my teachers and my association, even though we don't do that sort of thing. It feels really awkward just to ask, but I do. There's all kinds of stuff to consider for them: before I left, they said I could teach basic classes if that came up, but it's a whole other thing to write a letter saying I'm actually trained to teach, especially when I'm off in another country, with a different association, and mixing in with other teachers, of unknown rank. They'd be accepting reputational responsibility for me; is there any legal responsibility? And I'm not actually trained to teach, so I don't like trying to get a letter saying I am, even if it's a formality to satisfy a bureaucratic need.

Of course, it's entirely possible that a certification from a U.S. association is insufficient (somehow this is for the Chilean police, I don't know why), in which case I'd have to try and get the certification honored by a Chilean association, which would kill the whole project, because:
  1. My aikido association has no relationship with Aikikai Chile.
  2. Aikikai Chile wouldn't give a teaching certification to someone of my rank and experience.
  3. No one is going to try to persuade Aikikai Chile that they should certify me. (No one will offer, and I won't allow it.)
If I do get sufficiently certified, it becomes this whole thing with GFU where they have to promote the class, and what do you mean I don't have any students?

What the fuck, you know? I don't really give a shit about any of this. I just want to practice aikido, with people who aren't condescending dogmatists, someplace less than 2.5 hours from my house.


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