Sunday, June 6, 2010

Easter Island flights: language matters

I'd thought about going to Easter Island during my winter break next month (I have 2 weeks off). It's closer than usual, and supposedly not too expensive to get to: a few hundred dollars out of Santiago. Except, when I checked the LAN Airlines site, it quoted me US$2000 to get there. I can spend 3 weeks living well in Argentina for that.

Tonight I checked again, this time selecting "Chile" instead of "USA (English)." The results, on the exact same website (, in Chilean pesos, were...US$1500 cheaper. And there are more flights available.

Okay, then.

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  1. That is true. With that amount of money you can have the best weeks in Argentina, which is much more fun thatn Santiago. BA night offers from bars and night clubs to theatres, restaurants and tango shows with dinner included. Last year I was looking to get accommodation in Santiago and realized that to rent apartment buenos aires was cheaper and actually worth it.
    I did it and had the best time in Argentina and its towns.