Tuesday, June 22, 2010

at least I amuse myself

For our upcoming newsletter, Heather just asked me what my favorite chilenismos are. Since I'm bad at lists, I came up short, except for this:

  • al tiro - "right away," "sometime in the coming 5 minutes," or "I'm saying 'al tiro' to humor you but it would be rude to say so explicitly".
I think I'm way funnier than any of the volunteer material I saw before I came here.


  1. Hi, I'm Katie Eldridge, and I'm joining the WorldTeach program this July. We were given a few links to Chile blogs, and I have to say that your blog has been the most honest and humorous that I've read. Do you have any tips for me for when I arrive in Chile?

  2. Hi Katie!

    Thank you for the kind words. Sorry about the delay. I started writing a comment response, and then it turned into a blog entry, and then somewhere in there it flipped the "Zen rant" switch, and then it became a long blog entry.


    I honestly don't know how it came out, so if any of it seems completely nonsensical, please let me know. =)

    I may be there for your Volunteer Panel during orientation, so maybe we'll meet next month. Meantime, good luck getting ready!