Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We moved, finally! Last month we punted on buying a house, and pretty much immediately compromised on our ideal place and took a 3-bedroom condo in the same neighborhood as that house. Because of our trip East, we only had about 2 weeks to pack, which I don't recommend.

It turns out we had about a 3-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff stored in our 1-bedroom with garage, and Anna is just very good at storing things. I feel justified in feeling as cramped as I did.

Speaking of bedrooms, we have one now! With a door that shuts! I was working in the bedroom today when J careened in to ask Anna a question (even though she was elsewhere). Anna made the best sign ever for our bedroom door:

the bedroom door

It seems to work nicely.

We did have some adjustment to the new sounds. It's only a 5-unit complex, but various noises, like a guy slamming a front door at 2 AM on a Saturday, sound like they're right in our hallway. Partly it's poor construction, partly the other people are noisy, and partly it's just such a big place that we can't easily localize sounds the way we could before. At any rate, our first night here, we woke up adrenalized in home-defense mode because we thought someone was making loud noises inside the apartment. A couple hours later, exhaustion calmed me down enough to take a nap. Eesh.

It's a lovely place, though. Hardwood floors in the non-bedroom areas, trees outside the windows, a much nicer kitchen. A few weeks ago we ordered what I can only call an Epic Couch, plus an ottoman, currently being built in Los Angeles and arriving in a week or two. Incredibly cheap, as couches go.

Did I mention we have a bedroom?

All the excitement carries a cost, in stress and a bit of money. We're doing well, though.

J, of course, adjusts pretty smoothly to most changes, if you don't tell him first. He used to have these cheap, scratch Bob the Builder sheets, and when Anna would suggest he switch to some nice soft microfiber sheets, he'd say no, he loves his Bob the Builder sheets. I suggested she just go ahead and put the soft sheets on his bed, and of course he laid down and started rambling about how soft the new sheets are and how awful and scratchy his old Bob the Builder sheets were.

That's the human thing, isn't it? We have our idea of how things will go, and it's all imaginary crap until something actually happens.

Anyway. It's good to be home.

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  1. Congrats! I'm glad you finally found your new home. Also, Anna's sign is pretty amazing, and I'm glad to hear that it's effective so far. Lots of kids would ignore it anyway.