Monday, January 3, 2011

new milestones

New dimensions in family life: I had to leave the house yesterday. I've been persistently underslept and was generally having a mood downswing, and J was having a dramatic episode around having to do a bit of drawing for school today. He makes himself miserable with his perfectionism, which is characteristic of his package of stuff: after every stroke of the pencil, "THAT'S NOT A VERY GOOD NECK/ARM/whatever" and he's at the edge of a meltdown. Anna patiently and lovingly intercepts him so he can keep going, but it's a stressful to thing to watch, and I have no comfortable bedroom to go and hide in. I went for a drive.

This is not uncommon among my friends with kids.

I have a job interview on Friday! It'd be working alongside an old friend from Danger, in a comfy office across the street from a convenient Caltrain station. I really hope it works out, because then I won't have to actually look for a job, which I hate doing. So this week is all studying and learning Ruby and getting my coding brain back in action.

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