Sunday, November 21, 2010

a really big boat

This monster has been moored in the harbor for the past couple weeks. It's huge, but I just now measured it on my screen, and as far as I can tell, it's far huger than I thought. Check my math! (Click through to Flickr for big sizes you can measure on your screen like I did.)
enormous boat

Okay, so, that tiny little upright sliver next to the flag on the stern? That's a person. On the "Large" size on Flickr, the person measures 4mm. Assuming they're 5'8" (about 172cm), the boat is 140ft long; if they're 6', it's 150ft. I didn't do all the 5'8" calculations. The tender is somewhere in the 20ft range, and the mast is around 200ft, which is why you can see it from so far inland.

Anyone else come up with a different answer?

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  1. This is Chile...I would tend to assume a height of 5', but even at that height it's a very big boat!