Thursday, November 4, 2010


Crazy enough, I have a fever today, which I haven't had in many many years. I did crawl in to school to run tests with 1-A, but crawled back home again immediately afterward, followed by alternating heat and shivers. And everything hurts, although that's mostly due to some rock-hard back muscles. I think I've been storing up all this crap for the past 8 months and then finally it all just snapped and my body fell to pieces. If I'm not feeling better tomorrow I may see a doctor, but I think I'll be improved.

New pics are up from the past few weeks, though not yet labeled. More cats, of course, and pics of Anna's visit.

Not much going on, frankly. Just a couple of weeks of classes left, so there's a bit of short-timer syndrome, and I'm focused on testing all my classes (tricky with classes being randomly canceled).

Tomorrow will be 39 days until I get home.

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