Thursday, July 15, 2010

Valdivia photos

Here's the album. I'll keep adding to it. It's mostly in order, except for a couple of the videos, and there may be some duplicates. Mass uploading to Flickr is...not a reliable process.

It's just stunningly beautiful here. I forget how much I love rivers, because there aren't a lot in California, and what we have are often dammed beyond recognition. Here...well, just look at it.

Valdivia is sort of the size of Santa Cruz or Monterey in California, with that level of walkability, only it's interesting. I don't have a lot to say. It's just amazingly pleasant to be here, except for the aggressive duck who attacks me when I try to go into the backyard of the hostel. (His name is Gardín. He's huge and I'm not allowed to harm him in self-defense, which is challenging. I'll get a picture today sometime.) Other than the duck, it's perfect.

In other news, I don't usually read MetaFilter (too much content), but I did get linked to this post on You've been doing it wrong and discovered that I, too, have been tying my shoes in a granny knot all this time. Changing direction to a square knot feels weird, but I have high hopes for my shoes not coming untied.


  1. Nice to see our home town covered so affectionately. More warning and I could have shown you a few places you may have missed, although you covered all the main sections. As it is, leaving tonight for the far north. Enjoy the south, Paul Kearney.

  2. My bus doesn't leave until 10pm tomorrow, and I'll be back in November, so I'm still happy to take suggestions. =) Have a good trip!

  3. Lovely pictures: beautiful rivers, historical things, and cheese--what more could one want?