Thursday, July 8, 2010

*creak* *stretch*

I went to yoga last night! Right downtown, not too far from home. Unlike the other yoga place, this one has proper mats, and is also cheaper, at CH$1000 per class (about US$1.80). I could do it 5 times a week and it would still be cheaper than joining the YMCA, and more convenient.

Now, yoga is usually good for my body, and the reason I don't do it much at home is first because my evenings are taken up with aikido and Zen, and second because I don't like it all that much. I have to work hard to keep my back muscles from spasming during some poses, or to keep myself from accumulating tension anywhere for the the entire class. My arms, shoulders, and upper back get worked to the point of exhaustion during the seemingly endless initial half hour of Downward Fucking Dog.

Today I'm sore, and my hip muscles are crabby (because my hips are already out of alignment). So I'm a little on the fence about whether I like it or not, even though I was able to feel more clearly the different imbalances of my body right now--my left side is a lot tighter than my right.

On the other hand, I'm desperate for some kind of body-movement practice, and this seems to fit the bill. I've always had this theory that persistent yoga would be really good for me; now I guess I'll find out.

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