Thursday, July 8, 2010

storm storm stormy storm

We had a proper gale here on Tuesday. I was home because of the annual student strike, when suddenly I heard smashing glass: the wind broke a window. The wood of the frame is old and rotting, so the wind pushed the glass, which broke the frame, and then the glass was just hanging from the top of the frame, and the wind blew it inward against the iron bars, where it smashed. There was glass about 20 feet into the hallway, and then the hallway just acted like a wind tunnel for the wind coming through. I didn't step outside during the worst of it, but I'd guess the gusts were up to 55-60 mph.


The wind busted another window, less dramatically, but what really struck me was when I went up to my new friend Karen's place on Cerro Baron, and from the lookout point I saw how huge the waves were, and then noticed that there was a ship aground:

(Photo: Rodrigo Cisterna, in La Tercera)

I think she broke her anchor. They rescued everyone aboard, and when I saw her she had bow and stern anchors down and wasn't going anywhere, except for taking a bit of a beating from the waves.

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