Friday, April 16, 2010

put a ring on it

There's a story, that doesn't involve me being married or engaged.

A while ago Anna left a red carnelian ring (entirely of stone) at my house. I would never wear a red stone ring, so when I put it on it reminded me of her and that seemed all sweet and stuff, and she was done with it, so I got to wear it.

We don't usually realize that stone is hard, but brittle. At my going-away party, I dropped it on a concrete floor and it shattered, because I inevitably take my rings off, fiddle with them, and drop them.

She bought me another one, but I knew it faced the same hazards, and said if I broke the second one I'd buy something metal--if I bought a metal ring before she could buy me one, I'd just pretend it was from her.

Apparently she's bought me a ring! I'm very excited. I love presents.

But here, for 1500CLP (about US$2.80), is my new ring of shiny, largely impervious stainless steel. If I destroy a stainless steel ring, I suspect I will have bigger problems, and I won't be worried about the ring.


  1. "There's a story, that doesn't involve me being married or engaged"...though I can't help but notice what finger it's on. Practicing? ;-)