Friday, April 2, 2010

poor eating behavior

We had a free day yesterday, so after consulting my Lonely Planet book, I decided to get the hell out of Santiago and go visit Pomaire, a tiny little town known for selling ceramic cookware and good traditional Chilean food (I figured I'd probably have lunch and come back). This involved a one-hour bus to Melipilla, then a short micro (mini-bus) ride to Pomaire. The old woman who helped me figure out the right micro suggested I go to the restaurant El Parróne.

I asked the guy what I should get, and he recommended the Cordero, which Jeremy says should be lamb, but I'm pretty sure was pork, slow-cooked over a fire. And I got a beer. And he brought me a pisco sour, on the house, which is where things went wrong, because I drank the pisco sour, and the beer, and I ate the whole pound or so of meat. It was delicious, but no one should eat that much meat.

It's hard to say what would have happened without the pisco sour, but somehow I went from "sober" to "mild alcohol poisoning" without any interval of "drunk". So that's had me slightly cranky and knocked on my ass for the past 24 hours--at least it didn't happen when I had actual stuff to do. I'm in the final recovery phases now (sadly, this has happened before), which means a couple of days of eating lighter food--luckily, it's Easter weekend and I went to the grocery store to feed myself for the next couple days anyway.

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