Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and my home for the next 8 months is...


On the one hand, it's pretty and supposed to be a really nice place, albeit with lots of petty crime aimed at tourists.

On the other hand, I wanted to be someplace smallish, and Valpo is 275,000 people, so I've got some disappointment I'm making some space for. But, of course, it will be fun and I'll enjoy it, and it will be how it is, in all its is-ness.

We leave here on Monday at 6:20am. We won't find out about host families until we get there.

Day 2 of the Ministry of Education orientation. My internal monologue...has many criticisms, which match everyone else's (WorldTeach and not). Over the coming few weeks, my observations will distill into constructive criticism, and maybe I'll share that later.

The hostel is on Calle Cienfuegos, which means "Hundred Fires" and is currently my favorite street name anywhere in the world.


  1. "Always look on the briiight siiiide of life!"

  2. I had to ask H not to cheer me up, that I was just allowing the feeling to come and it would pass. We all have different approaches to these things. =)