Monday, February 7, 2011

another day, another job offer

Mountain View #1 is putting an offer together! To put it gently, their recruiting staff is kind of, um...let's say "slow." If I'm lucky I'll get it tomorrow afternoon.

I also had the final round of 3 interviews with Mountain View #2, which went extremely well, and the third guy gets a blog post of his own.

I stayed with J tonight so Anna could go to aikido, and we had some nice playing and bonding time. We don't get much time alone together, because he's very focused on Anna when he's around, and so far we haven't done much of the thing where I stay with him while she goes out. I expect that will change a bit with time.

I also joined The Future and finally got an iPhone yesterday. SO SHINY. So very pretty. The Retina display combined with the deep attention to graphical detail makes for a pretty stunning experience. In many ways it's only partly what I might like: I can only see a tiny fraction (and I'm not sure how that fraction is selected) of my most recent email in my GMail account, among other quirks. But so far it's quite nice.

Lastly, a friend of mine is taking a Computer Science class at CCSF, and holy crap, the professor sounds awful. I mean a truly, unnecessarily bad teacher. Every story makes me cringe.

Now I finally have a good reason to get a Master's in Computer Science: so I can teach part-time and save community college students from teachers like that. I fundamentally enjoy teaching, and in an area I actually know and love, with students who at least nominally want to be there, I'd be even better at it. Behold! A plan!


  1. You really should do that! I think that when I get burned out from teaching high schoolers that I'd like to teach at a community college or 4-yr college.