Friday, December 3, 2010

beginning re-entry

I had a dream last night about completos, those nasty heavily-dressed hot dogs they serve here. In my dream, they sold them at an American school, like they sell them in schools here, but it was Americanized and looked like it was chicken curry in a hot dog bun. And a student slipped one in her pocket.

I'm starting to line up phone screens, and I'm nervous because:
  1. My head's not exactly in the space of solving computer problems, and
  2. I speak very slow and simple English, as if I'm speaking to second-language learners.
I catch myself thinking in Spanish, and I'm really good at catching myself, but once I'm yammering about software problems, who knows.

Also, even though I hate the food here and will be happy to be rid of various other things, I'm used to them.

This is gonna sting a bit.


  1. You could always be my houseboy instead...since I had to kick out the one I had. He refused to work for me once my boyfriend gets back because of the added chaos. So hard to find good help, too.

  2. Sounds like someone needs a man to come in and take charge--you've forgotten your place. Tsk.