Saturday, September 11, 2010

the Chilean evening schedule

I met up with Corrie for dinner in Vina del Mar: she hitched a ride with her friends from Calera, Edgardo and his 6-months-pregnant wife Kati. Then it turned out that volunteers Lauren and Allison, with respective boyfriends Jorge and Marcelo, also showed up. We had a lovely actually-Italian meal at a cute reasonably-priced restaurant off in an alley.

Then around 10:30, we headed over to a pub owned by one of Kati's friends. I left my backpack in their car, saying "I can only stay for one drink."

"Oh yeah, us too," says Marcelo.

I ordered a gin & tonic, which came with the typical 3 shots of hard liquor in the glass. Marcelo and Kati had to leave relatively early, around 12:15--after all, they were dropping me off in Valparaiso and then had a 90-minute drive back to Calera.

I had a lovely time, but oy, their party schedule.

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