Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This afternoon: I'm sickish, I'm not packed, I'm moving to Chile in 6 weeks, my girlfriend and her kid are moving in this weekend, the chicken stock seems to have failed (though less spectacularly than the veggie stock), and the new computer came infected with Windows and I can't get a useful operating system installed.

That was a little frustrating. I got the computer working (sort of), the chicken stock is weak but edible and tastes better after sitting for a while, and while I'm not packed, I guess I can be packed enough by Friday for Anna to move in.

Last year I was explaining to my somewhat-incredulous mother that cupcakes are a cultural Thing[tm], at least in cities; to the extent that a city like San Francisco supports multiple cupcake boutiques. To combine memes, people have made an array of Lost-related cupcakes (none of which will make much sense unless you've seen the show, and as mentioned, I don't actually recommend it). And back in 2007 (ah, before the crash) there was a San Francisco cupcake tasting tour.

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