Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why you shouldn't start fights with people

This is a video of a fight on the East Bay's AC Transit. There's blood, but no one gets maimed or killed. There are so many moments of human failure and lameness that I feel compelled to write them down.

  • Epic Beard Guy (as we'll call him, following this video) doesn't seem very nice, and quite possibly did say something racist.
  • Black Guy views violence, or the threat of violence, as the correct response to someone being a jerk.
  • Epic Beard Guy is a jerk.
  • Black Guy seems to get lost in his self-image and does not properly consider that a very large enraged white man might be able to fight effectively.
  • The black woman recording the video says "Beat the shit out of the white boy!", but when Black Guy starts losing, shouts "Stop hitting him!".
  • Black Guy, bleeding profusely, says "Imma fuck you up" to the guy who just beat the crap out of him.
  • The woman recording the video steals Epic Beard Guy's bag that he left behind on the bus. What the hell?
Classy people.

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  1. Yeah. This entire thing is just made of fail. Two powder kegs meeting for drinks on the bus and bringing guns.