Monday, February 8, 2010

living together, day 3.

I hadn't expected to find somebody I wanted to see every day, but given that, it's nice to actually see her every day.

08:11 > <anna> this whole "seeing you across the breakfast table" thing is kind of addictive.
08:11 <jwb>aw
08:12 <jwb> <fuz> don't get used to it, i'm going to antarctica
For my part, I like that when I want to kiss her, well, there she is.

Sometimes I'm really disoriented by the overwhelming lack of my stuff in the apartment (the kitchen and stereo/TV are familiar, and the bed would be, except it's in the living room), and I think the living-together project will be even more fun sometime when we're actually merging households and I'm not about to leave town for a year. But this was my idea, and it was a good choice.

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