Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Some nice people came and bought my Ninja 650 this afternoon. They got a good deal, given all the stuff that came with it (aftermarket windscreen and seats plus the originals, plus a Givi luggage box on the back, plus rails to keep the saddlebags off the tires [though it seems the Givi box and the saddlebag rails can't coexist, but that's no longer my problem], a cover). It's hard to let go of the bike itself, and of the desire to get just a bit more money for it; but the economy's down and people aren't paying a lot for extras, and I'm moving to Chile and decided I wanted this part of the prep to be over and done with. Given the lack of response at $4000, and the feedback from the SBR readers I think the most I could have gotten would have been $3500...maybe. And who knows how long that would have taken. So $3000 it is, sold to a very nice mechanic and his wife, replacing the wife's identical bike that she traded up from a year or so ago.

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