Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In May I decided to apply to teach English in Chile for most of 2010. I got laid off in June, about six months earlier than I'd planned to stop working. I've been reading an endless stream of books, tutoring kids at the library, cooking, shopping at farmer's markets, fixing my motorcycle so I can sell it, getting to know my girlfriend (no, she's staying here), and most recently, getting my aikido black belt.

Every now and again, I pop my head up from the mix of what I'm doing, and I think: "Oh yeah. At some point I'm spending nine months teaching English to kids in a foreign country. Forgot about that."

My life is inevitably full of stories, and I want to both document them and share with them as they happen. This way, hopefully, I won't forget them, and I won't have to dump them on everybody all at once when I get back.

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