Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've been called many things, but not that

I met Anna and J at Talbot's today (a local toy store that enables kids playing for an hour or two), and she went off to buy some stuff and left him with me, in front of an absolutely engrossing display of radio-controlled construction equipment you could use to pick up plastic balls and move them around to automated conveyor belts. I was having so much fun I had to remember to pay attention to what he was doing.
Eventually he steps back and surveys the scene and says, "Daddy, this all must be really expensive!".
Wait, what? The kid has a very involved father, and the kid and I actually don't see each other that often. There shouldn't be any mixup here.

I mentioned it to Anna, who said, "Oh, yeah, he calls me 'Daddy' all the time. It just means 'adult who's in charge of me'."

All right, then.

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