Friday, June 7, 2013

trouble, that's spelled with a "T"

As planned, I did eventually buy a pool table. It took the guys a couple hours to assemble.
pool table
With the slates leveled and glued together (some people use spackle; this guy said he put cardboard between them and filled the gap with Bondo, which I assume is more or less reversible someday). You can see the side clearance.
pool table
Almost done, about to attach the skirts (the wooden side panels).
pool table
All done.
pool table
The table is made by Brunswick, which is one of the best manufacturers. If you've ever gone to a reputable by-the-hour pool hall, you've probably played on a Brunswick Gold Crown, whose design has aged pretty well. That's not something you can say for a lot of objects who look like they were made for The Jetsons.

You'll notice that my table looks like a dining table, and in fact it comes with wooden leaves to put over the playing surface. It appears to be a sort of experimental thing from Brunswick: the mechanic says he's only ever seen a few, and the Internet knows nothing. The surface plays fast, and the rails are excellent (especially compared to the janky bar table I grew up with).

It came with 5 cues, only 2 of which are straight; and a set of balls, all of which are beat up and most have little gouges and chunks missing. So if anyone wants to get me a good set of billiard balls, Father's Day is coming up. =)

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