Sunday, February 17, 2013

house progress

We had the inspection on Saturday, which was educational. We're navigating some back-and-forth with the sellers, but I think everyone is properly incentivized to have the sale go through and we'll come out happy. It turns out there's more up-front work than we originally thought, but hey, we'll be starting out with a new kitchen and refinished hardwood floors.

(The kitchen, as a space, is one of the best parts of the house; big chunks of it just need to be torn out, disinfected, and replaced.)

Between the house and the garage, we almost certainly have enough space for a pool table, so I've been doing some research about prices and quality and such. I grew up with a pool table in the basement, an old pay table from the 50s that somehow migrated its way from some small-town bar in western New York, into my grandfather's house, then to our house when my grandmother moved away. The bumpers were erratic, giving us a home-court advantage against our friends, but I grew up enjoying the game and even today I'm still a far better player than most. Anna likes it, too, and it seems like something J might enjoy: you can have a lot of fun playing even without finicky fine motor coordination.

Of course, you can drop $15,000 on a restored antique pool table if you want; I recognize that I'm probably putting the thing in the garage, so I'll be wanting something of decent quality, but utilitarian and not delicate.

Now that we've got a better sense of the quantity and source of money to be thrown at all the problems, I'm kind of excited.

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