Monday, July 23, 2012

hello chaos, my old friend

I keep starting blog posts, and holding myself to some silly standard of coherence that means I don't finish them because I can't focus.

We spent a week on Cape Cod! Hung out with my parents, got to see my nieces. There are pictures. It was awesome. Lots of excellent parent-kid time with J.

Then Friday at work, and then we were off, kidless, to a relative's 50th anniversary party! Lots of good heavy food, many second cousins, a manmade pond with a bottom of sticky clay and water like it had a bunch of milk in it, underwater visibility about 1/2 inch. Anna recommended naming it Clear Pond.

On the drive up I spent 2 hours on my laptop in a sunny car, fixing a production issue. Many people had separate production issues, and then I came into work today and wow, chaos. Endless emails, planning, what went wrong, how do we fix things, re-prioritizing, did this customer issue get fixed yet. Wow.

Anna got sick yesterday, so I left work mid-day to go pick up J and bring him back here so Anna could take him to an appointment, then I took the train back to work, where I stayed until 8 PM.

TV was made for nights like this.

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