Monday, May 2, 2011

quick update

Work is good. Sometimes I feel useful. Sometimes I wonder why they haven't fired me yet. I feel like I have an experimental job description, and we're all still figuring out how to make use of me. I really miss writing code, and I wonder if that's not a better way to share my operational knowledge. Regardless of how I feel about the work on a given day (or in a given hour), it's an incredibly pleasant place to be. Lots of really smart, really nice people, and they stock the fridge with grapes.

With Anna's encouragement, I actually started my next Zen sewing project: a black rakusu. It should take less time than the last one.

I need to register for the GREs this week, so I can take them before August, to have my Stanford application ready. Hurf. Just getting ready for grad school is a test of my organizational skills.

I bought a motorcycle! A sparkly black 2002 Suzuki SV-650 named "Two Slim" by the previous owner, Susan. I had a lovely 30-mile test ride up outside Fairfax and I was hooked. Susan was overjoyed to have it go to an experienced rider, starting from the moment I started pulling all my safety gear out of the trunk of my car.

And finally, we had J for 5 days, which was lovely, and then he was with his dad for 5 days, which was good for a couple days, and then I missed him. We call him Chaos Machine when he's not around, but really as kids go he's incredibly chill and reasonable. When I got home tonight, he came dashing down the stairs talking in his excited way--which means the same complex sentences with long words and clear enunciation, but faster and louder--to see me and the motorcycle and all my gear. So that's pretty awesome.

Finally, I injured my left big toe last month doing something innocuous--there was no particular traumatic event, but something is clearly wrong inside the pad above the joint. It's not really getting better, so I made an appointment with a sports medicine foot doctor in a couple weeks, since my experience is that GPs are pretty useless for injuries and I don't want to waste the time.

Summary: busy. In between being busy, I'm busy. After that, I'm usually busy. Eesh.

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