Friday, May 17, 2013

weird songs of the past few years

I don't listen to experimental music or anything: I've gone to see ensembles like Eighth Blackbird and Kronos Quartet and I do not like them. Even the world of pop music spits out some weird songs sometimes, though. I hear them on Radio Paradise, or KCMP, or SomaFM. Sometimes they make it big, sometimes not. I thought I would collect and share the ones that came to mind.

This one did get the chance to be overplayed on the radio.

This was also all over the radio, though it took quite a while for me to warm up to it. Listen to it carefully, though: it's layered and crafted, just with some beats in unexpected places.

I have no words to describe this one.

Is this the weirdest one? I don't really know

I'll leave you with the most recent one. I keep listening to it, but can never actually remember the melody otherwise. I love it because it's weird, and catchy, and the singer is a baritone. It's a sad song, about a failed marriage ending in divorce. But it's weird, and delicious! Who makes songs like this?

The end. =)

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