Saturday, April 13, 2013

stay on target!

Monday is Moving Day! It turns out we could have timed things better, but it all looked reasonable three weeks ago when we made all the various commitments and plans. I can't stay home from work this Monday, for example.

I was thinking the apartment looked really crowded, and in trying to figure out why I realized that while we've got about the same boxes of stuff that we did 20 months ago, we did acquire lots and lots of furniture: 6 storage shelves, 4 bookcases, a wine rack/cocktail stand, a small desk, and an enormous (9 feet long) couch. We've quite a bit less room for stacking boxes.

There's an arc to packing, where everything seems impossible and overwhelming, and then suddenly most of the shelves are empty, and it's hard to move around because of the (filled and taped) boxes. You have pulled your possessions out of all their corners. As you mentally run through the remaining packing work, you foresee the lingering hours when you will throw random things--things you didn't want to be without for even a few days--into the last boxes, continuing while the movers start their work.

Most of our shelves are empty.

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