Sunday, March 20, 2011

that was funZZZZzzzzzz

It's been a long weekend here in Chris's world. Yesterday we got up around 4:30 to go do Zen stuff, which lasted until 1 or so; then Anna went to help a friend pack up his late mother's apartment, and I picked her up and we went to the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes at the Palace of Fine Arts, which brought me a nice flood of memories. Many of the same people are still working hard that were involved 15 years ago. There were a lot of kids there, I assume because one group was a trio of 15-year old girls and another was an ensemble of middle school boys.

I am highly critical of a cappella groups, which kept me busy last night because most of them weren't very good. Some were worse than others, but I at least appreciate the courage it takes to get up on stage.

We ate a lovely dinner at Baker Street Bistro, which appears to be staffed by real French people, plus an absolutely adorable waiter. And a nice encounter under the giant dome in a vast, windy rainstorm.

Today was all decompression and reading and going for a run and eating chocolate-covered raisins and leftover duck confit. Life is, as always, pretty rough.

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